Business Cards

We are specialists in business card design and printing. We can help you create a powerful impact with your business while also being functional. Your business card should introduce you and say “Hello, I am . . . ” and “You can reach me here . . . ” Your business card is a way to present yourself as being the expert in your field and your business as being the market and industry leader. It is your opportunity to leave a truly memorable and favourable reminder of who it is you are, and what it is that you do so well. In our experience of designing and printing business cards, we find that one of the primary factors we have to consider is the functionality of the business card design. Not everything works for everybody, for instance a double-sided card may suit some clients but not others.

A fold-over card may seem really unique to some and just not suitable for others. Some prefer a gloss finish and others a matt finish. Some prefer a standard size and others a smaller micro-business card. Whatever you are trying to portray, C&R can help you right from the start to ensure your business card design is making an impact from the minute you meet a potential new client.